Step 1

  • Call into The Ironing Maids Shop based in the Centre of Clitheroe with your items
  • Alternatively call Sarah on 01200 423484 and we will arrange collection.

Step 2

  • Ensure your ironing has been laundered and is free of tobacco smoke odour
  • For best results: launder according to care label instructions within 24 hours of ironing collection. Please do not over-dry as this can heat-stree certain fabrics leaving the removal of fine creases virtually impossible
  • Fold items and place in personal laundry bag or clearly marked bag

Step 3

  • On arrival at our processing unit your order will be individually inspected and processed according to the manufacturers care label in a hygenic, smoke-free environment
  • Damaged, dirty or stained items may be returned un-processed

Step 4

  • Once processed, your order will be inspected for quality and carefully folded and packaged, and/or placed on covered hangers.
  • All items are labeled with your unique customer identification number ready for return
  • Your will then receive a text/phone or email to notify you that your ironing is ready for collection at your convenience

Step 5

  • Your order will be returned beautifully ironed, dry cleaned or mended at which point payment is due.
  • We accept cash, cheque and debit/credit cards
  • An invoice/receipt will be provided for your reocrds

Step 6

  • All you need to do now is place your clothes in your wardrobe ready for when you come to need them. Then just sit back and relax until you need The Ironing Maids again! ((X)n Rs+Si^2) + (Ho+html)-Sp{INF} + (tet_Mfi+m^3) + (SLp+(X)11)